How to Order

How to add prodcuts on cart?
  2. Click on the SHOP NOW on the menu, which contains the Product List available. You can also
    filter those products by categories to go directly to that product group.
  3. You will be redirected to the PRODUCT LIST page. You can also filter the product by
    Brand, Material, Type and by Size (if available). From there, you can select what product
    you want to buy, simply by clicking on it.
  4. You will be taken to the MAIN PRODUCT PAGE where you can view the specific product and
    its product details.
  5. After choosing your product options, just enter or select the QUANTITY you want to purchase
    and click ADD TO CART.
  6. Once the product has been added to the cart, a notice on the side of the page will be
    displayed. It contains the list of products you added to the cart. You can view the summary of
    your cart and you have options such as remove the product from the cart (i.e. X icon beside
    the product), view the cart page (i.e. VIEW CART button), or proceed directly to checkout page
    (i.e. CHECKOUT button).
  7. Repeat the process to add more products.
How to update products on cart?
  1. Go to the CART page by clicking on the Shopping Bag Icon on the bottom-right corner
    of the page.
  2. On the Cart page, you can remove the products by clicking on the X icon beside the
    product image. You can also reduce or increase the Quantity you want to purchase by
    clicking on the + and icons. After making the necessary changes, click on the UPDATE
  3. Click CONTINUE SHOPPING button to go back to Shop page.
  4. To checkout now, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.
How to checkout or pay for my products?
  1. Once you are done adding products to your cart, you can now proceed to CHECKOUT
    to pay for your products. Head over on the CART PAGE and click on
    the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button or simple hover on the Shopping Bag icon
    and click the Checkout button.
  2. Once on the Checkout page, fill up all the required fields on the form.
  3. Select your preferred DELIVERY OPTION/METHOD (i.e. Local Pick-up, LBC/JRS,
  4. Select your preferred Payment Method (i.e. Credit/Debit Card via PayPal, GCASH or
    Direct Bank Transfer).
  5. Next, tick the checkbox beside the I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions and
    click the Proceed to Paypal or Place Order button.
  6. Note: If you selected the PayPal payment method, you will be taken to their respective
    pages and to complete the payment. After the payment is confirmed your order will be
  7. If you selected Direct Bank Transfer. The order will be on pending until the payment
    has been cleared in our account.
    To confirm payment for the Direct Bank Transfer kindly email your deposit slip along
    with your order number to for your order to be processed.
    The order will be on hold for 24 hours only.
  8. After that, you will be taken to the Thank You page, confirming that the order
    placement has been successful. You will also receive an email about your order
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